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In today’s times, technology has advanced a lot and so has its use among people. The majority of the population owns a mobile; most of them having a smartphone with features. All smartphones perform many similar and unique functions depending on their manufacturing. But there is one feature which is common among all the smartphones i.e connection to Wi-Fi. Imagine a smartphone without this feature these days. The reason we are talking about this is that any smartphone which is not connected to Wi-Fi is basically a defective product.  However, with advantages, there come many disadvantages and security issues. Today, you can find many apps that help you protect your smartphone from any intrusion by any party. WIFI WPS WPA TESTER is one such application that helps its users in protecting their smartphones from getting attacked while using Wi-Fi. 

WPS WPA TESTER helps you check the status of the safety of any wireless network via the WPS protocol. The main purpose of this app is to inform its users about the vulnerabilities of their own wireless network so that if there are any issues, they can be handled on time with efficiency. You also have the option to change the password of your network if you feel something is fishy. 

wps wpa tester premium apk download

Download WPS WPA Tester Premium APK

  1. Remove the official version of the app from the device.
  2. Download the APK file from the link provided in the article.
  3. Click on the link to start the installation. Before it starts, it will ask for permission which you need to allow for it to proceed further.
  4. You will also need to enable the option ‘Allow installation from unknown sources from the settings for the APK to install successfully.
  5. After it is finished installing, just open the app and start using it.

Features of WPS WPA Tester Premium App

No requirement of rooting the device

If you notice, any app which lets your check Wi-Fi passwords have a requirement that the device is rooted. However, the WPS WPA TESTER app poses no such demand from its users. You just need to install this APK file on your device, wait for the app to scan all the nearby Wi-FI networks, and select any random Wi-Fi network to see its password. 

This app proves to be very useful when you need to access any social networking site but does not have any Wi-FI to connect to. When the app completes the scan, you will see a green lock icon is displayed next to that network which indicates that the WPS feature on that router is enabled and you can get the password with the help of a PIN. However, if red color is displayed, it means it is not possible. This APK app just helps the users to find the vulnerabilities and defects in their own Wi-FI network’s security. 

Simple to use

It is not hard to use this app. It means that even any beginner can use this app without facing any troubles. You can quickly scan networks for passwords and get instant results.  You can help your friends as well with this by sharing the password with them or you can even use the password to connect the Wi-FI with other devices you have. The advantage of having the WPS WPA TESTER APK app is that it can perform at a very fast pace with a high probability of succeeding as compared to other such tools. 

User-friendly interface

The APK app comes with a pretty simple interface that is suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals. It is extremely convenient to use and can be operated by anyone and doesn’t even consume much time. Once you start using it, the app will start the scanning automatically and then search for the est networks.


Although this app allows its users to check the PIN and to connect you cannot see the password of the network until your device has the access to root. If you have root access to the device, you can always check the previously saved passwords and use them anytime in there.


If you use the official free version of the app, you will find many ads. However, there are simply no ads if you use the much-better APK version of the app.

Conclusion: WPS WPA Tester Premium APK Download for Android

The WPS WPA TESTER APK is the option available if you want to find passwords for the nearest Wi-FI networks. If you have some work but do not have any connection, just open this app and start scanning to retrieve the password. You just need to download the APK version to enjoy the premium features. So without wasting any further time, go ahead and download the APK version.

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