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11 August 2020
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Team Win Recovery Project APK is available free for download. Get the TWRP App for your Android device.

Team win recovery project or TWRP is one of the 2 main custom recoveries for android-based devices. It can be installed after you have rooted your android phone or tablet and lets you carry out various tweaks like creating full backups to flashing ROMs.

Basically, TWRP APK is an open-source recovery that is absolutely free for all android users.  It enables you to install custom ROMs like LinageOS, AOSP. Paranoid android etc.

team win recovery project apk download

Download TWRP APK 

  1. First of all, you will have to Enable Unknown Sources in the settings menu of your android device, or else you would not be able to install the APK on your device.

Steps- Go to Settings–> Security–> Enable “Unknown Sources”

  1. Click on the download button to begin the downloading of the APK on your android-based device.
  2. Once the TWRP APK has been downloaded, click on the downloaded link of the app in the notification bar.

How to install TWRP APK on your android-based device:

  1. Enable USB Debugging – Firstly you need to enable some options on your phone. Go to the settings app on your phone, click on ‘About Phone’ and scroll down to the ‘Build Number’ option. Click on it seven times, this will show a prompt that you are a developer now.

Head back to the main settings page and look for a new option ‘Developer Option’. Open it and enable USB Debugging. Now when you connect your phone with your computer, click ‘Always allow from this computer in the prompt box asking ‘Allow Debugging’?

  1. Reboot into your bootloader – You need to reboot your bootloader so that you can install TWRP. It might differ in every phone so if you face any issues, you can check the instructions on Google and then proceed. However, in recent devices, you can do it by first switching off your phone and then holding the ‘Power’ and ‘Volume Down’ button together for 10 seconds before releasing them.  
  2. Flash TWRP to your phone – Once you have followed the 2nd step, connect your phone to your computer properly that it indicates that it is connected. Now open the folder where you have installed ADB in your computer and click Shift + Right Click on an empty area. Choose ‘Open a command promt here’ and run the following command-

fastboot devices “

The command should return a serial number indicating that your phone has been recognized. If it doesn’t, repeat all the previous steps till the time this happens.

If your device has been recognized by fastboot, you then need to run the following command:

fastboot flash recover twrp.img

If all goes well, you should see a success message in your command prompt window.

Boot into TRWP Recovery- Now you can unplug your phone. Use the volume down button to scroll to the ‘Recovery’ option in your bootloader. Press the volume up or Power button (depends upon the phone) to select it. Your phone should reboot into TRWP.

If TWRP asks you for password, enter the passcode or pin you use on your device. It will use this to decrypt your phone to make it access its storage.

After you are done with this, you will see the TRWp’s main screen. You can use this to create “Nandroids” backup flash ZIP files like SuperSU, or flash custom ROMs among many other tasks.

You also got to back up your phone before you make any other changes. Tap the ‘Backup’ button on TWRP screen. Select ‘Boot’, ‘System’ and ‘Data’ and then swipe the bar at the bottom to back them up.

After this, go back to the backup menu, uncheck all the options, and scroll to the bottom. If you have a special partition listed after ‘Recovery’, for eg, WiMax, PDS, check it and then perform another backup. This contains your IMEI or EFS info which is very crucial. If your phone ever gets corrupted, you can restore this backup to make your phone normal again.

TWRP APP Features:

  1. TWRP is a touch-based recovery project which comes with many exciting and essential features like a terminal emulator and file manager.
  2. TWRP apk is the most commonly used recovery as it supports a large amount of official and unofficial devices.
  3. With the help of TWRP, you can flash firmware files, flash custom ROMs like LinageOS. You can also backup your current ROM or firmware with the help of TWRP.
  4. TWRP was originally formed to work on porting WiMAX to CM7 for the HTC EVO 4G.
  5. TWRP APK is also capable to perform lighter modifications like rooting your android-based device, replacing the firmware of your device with a completely new custom ROM of your choice.
  6. This app helps you completely clear out the cache and Dalvik cache on your android-based smartphone or tablet.
  7. This is free of cost for all the android-based device users and is helpful if you want to modify the existing firmware of your android-based device.

Conclusion: Team Win Recovery Project APK Download for Android

TWRP is the perfect option if you want to install custom ROMs and perform full backups on your phone. You do not have to pay for anything. You just got to follow all the steps carefully and you are done with the recovery.

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