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Tak Zang APK Download free for Android. Get the Missed Call Bomber app for your device.

Well, we all love to have fun with our friends and irritate them. People play pranks with their friends all the time and tease them with anything they possibly can. One of the ways to do it is to prank your friends with unlimited missed calls so that they get annoyed. Have you ever wondered what would your friend’s reaction be when they receive endless calls from an unknown number? There are a lot of apps that allow you to do so and in this article too, we will talk about one such app which allows you to give missed calls to other people. The name of the app is Tak Zang Miss Call Bomber which will allow you to make unlimited missed calls to your friends and annoy them. Through this article, we will help you with downloading, installing, and using the Tak Zang APK.

Tak Zang is not some heavyweight all, it is just a light app that can be easily downloaded by you and you can, therefore, you can easily prank your friends.

You will not find the Tak Zang app on the Google Play Store because of which, you will have to install the APK version of the app. The reason why it is not there on the Play Store now is that it violated policy. However, you can still download the app from third-party trusted sources.  

tak zang apk download

Download Tak Zang Call Bomber APK

Here we will show you how to download and install the APK version of the app without you having to go through any trouble. All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you will easily have Tak Zang Call Bomber APK on your Android devices. The steps which you need to follow are:

  1. The first step is to make sure that you have enabled the downloads from unknown sources. If you have, then cool. If not, you need to enable it. To do so, go to the settings of your Android device, followed by Security. There, you will see an option of Unknown Sources. Click on that to enable the downloads.
  2. Now, click on this link which we have given above, which will automatically start your download.
  3. Wait for the download to finish, and after the download is done, you will have the file on your device.

How To Install Tak Zang Missed Call Bomber APK?

Now that you have downloaded the app with the link we have given, all you need to do is to install it. To do so, follow these simple steps and you will be good to go. The steps are:

  1. Visit the downloads of your Android device, where you will see the APK version of Tak Zang APK. Click on it
  2. After clicking on it, you will see on the bottom right that there is an option of “install”. Click on it.
  3. After clicking on it, your installation process will automatically begin and when done, you will see the app on the home screen of your Android device.

These are all the steps there are to install the APK version of the Tak Zang APK on your Android device.

How to use Tak Zang Missed Call Bomber?

Now, it’s easy to use the Tak Zang APK. The stows you need to follow to understand how the app works are:

  1. Open the app and it will ask for a few permissions.
  2. Choose the language which suits you and click on continue.
  3. Then you will be taken to the home page of the app where you will see options such as start, tutorial, exciter, and calls catcher.
  4. Click on start and then fill in the number you want to receive missed calls.
  5. You need to choose the number of times the victim should receive the missed call. It totally depends on you how many times you want the person to receive the calls.
  6. Last, set the duration of the missed call so that the phone rings for however long you want.

Conclusion: Tak Zang APK Download for Android

To conclude, Tak Zang Apk is one of the best apps for you if you want to prank your friends into receiving endless missed calls so that they get annoyed. This is one of the best Call Bomber Apps which you will ever come across and you should try it at least once.

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