SuperSU APK Download for Android Latest v2.82

SuperSU APK for Android: SuperSU is a root management app developed solely by XDA for the purpose of solving all the issues that users were facing after rooting their Android devices. If you have ever rooted your mobile device, you may have realised that app that requires root access always sends a pop up on your root management app. This happens because if apps are just given root access as and when they desire, they end up having some serious power over your device and hackers and spyware creators can easily manipulate important information that could end up bricking your device.

One of the best parts of SuperSu is the amount of control it gives you over permissions you give to applications. SuperSu literally sits down and logs what every app does with the root permission you gave and it and how often it uses these said permissions. SuperSu also allows you to temporarily unroot your device allowing you to use apps that don’t allow rooted devices to run them. These are usually bank applications, normally you wouldn’t have been able to run these apps without the help of SuperSu.

Download SuperSU APK Latest Version

supersu apk

File Info

App Name SuperSU
File Type APK
Size 6.28 MB
Version 2.82
Language English
Supported Devices All rooted Android devices
Root Required NO
Last Updated on 13 August 2018


World Class root management system

With SuperSU you get the best in class root management system that not only provides a great logging system that keeps an accurate track of which apps are making use of the root access at any specific time but also a great management tool that allows you to give permission to apps only for a specific amount of time. The options you have available are 1 hour or forever. So either the app will lose all it’s permissions within the hour or keep them forever. Make sure to give this option only to a trusted application from a trusted source.

Run apps that don’t allow rooted devices to use them

Security or Bank applications such as Google Pay don’t allow devices that are rooted to use them, for obvious security reasons. With SuperSU you can easily bypass this security feature by simply disabling your root temporarily while you use the app and then turning it back on.

Access it from the Bootloader

Another brilliant feature of SuperSU is that you can actually access most of the features from within your bootloader. This becomes seriously handy when your phone is bricked or stuck in boot loop.


supersu apk

You can download SuperSU from the direct link that we have provided on our website. You can find the flashable zip file or the APK that you can directly install onto your device. We have run multiple checks on the APK and can verify the safety of your device after downloading it from our website.

How to install

Using APK

The first thing you need to do before installing or even downloading the APK is to allow your device to install apps from unknown sources. This setting can be found under security in your phone. To turn this on the head to settings and search for “unknown sources” and turn the respective switch on.

After this, you can

  • First, download the app of our website and wait for it to download
  • Once downloaded you need to locate this file in your file manager, it’ll usually be located inside the downloads folder
  • Tap the APK and hit install.

Via zip file

You can also download a flashable zip file via our website and that will help you install SuperSU onto your device as a system application.

For this, of course, you’ll need to have an unlocked Bootloader and a custom recovery installed.

After you’ve made sure you’ve gotten both of them you can head into your custom recovery and proceed to flash the zip file using the “Install zip” option. This will install SuperSu as a system app and while it gives no additional features by doing this. It is how we recommend you install SuperSU.

Screenshot of SuperSU App

supersu apk


SuperSU is an almost essential app to have on your phone if you have a rooted Android device. Make sure to download the app from our website and install it in whichever way is more convenient for you.


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