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Do you happen to have a Mac computer? Computers produced by Apple are far more complex than you could ever imagine. Even veteran Mac users will be able to discover new things about their computers each and every day. They’ll find new ways to run problems, ways to boost their productivity, and ways to improve their computer’s performance. By discovering these secret tricks, you’ll be able to make your time at the computer a little more productive. Below, you’ll find secret tricks that every Mac owner should know about.

Monitoring Resource Usage

All computers are going to slow down at some point. This is definitely the case when the computer has been allowed to run for a long period of time. Most people will freak out at this point and mistakenly believe that something is terribly wrong with their computer. This is usually not the case. Just calm down and check out your Mac’s Resource Usage statistics. This feature will show you your CPU and how much is currently in use. You’ll also see the current CPU’s temperature. By using this chart and getting rid of certain programs, you may be able to solve the problem without taking extreme measures.

Scheduling Is Key

While you’re at it, you should also begin running everything on a schedule. Even if you work on your computer, there is a good chance that your computer is idle during the night. With that being said, you should set up a schedule that allows you to run crucial system maintenance programs when you’re aware of the computer. Windows users can take advantage of the Task Scheduler for this purpose. Mac users will need to rely on Tasks Till Dawn. Nevertheless, it is truly effortless to use and it’ll save you from a headache in the future.

Using The Terminal

Many people like the user interface of the Mac computer. This is great and all, but all Mac owners should most definitely learn how to use Mac terminal commands. Using the command line can be a very beneficial tool for pretty much everyone and it is truly much easier to use than you might initially believe. In fact, there are some features that can only be accessed through the terminal. If you want to use your Mac computer to the fullest, you should really sit down and begin learning these commands for yourself. It may take some time to master them, but doing so will pay off dividends in the long run.

Learning Keyboard Shortcuts

Using your mouse or trackpad is truly very beneficial. Nevertheless, it is usually not the fastest way to perform certain actions. If you want to boost your productivity to the maximum, you should learn how to use all of your computer’s keyboard shortcuts. Mac computers come pre-configured with a wide range of shortcuts and they can save you a great deal of time in the future. Shortcuts are also available for your favorite programs, including Facebook, Microsoft Word, and even Gmail. Master these shortcuts and you’ll breeze through the day’s work with little to no effort at all.

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