SD Maid Pro APK Android System Cleaning Tool (Unlocked)


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17 March 2020
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SD Maid Pro APK download for free for Android. Get SD Maid Pro APK Latest v4.11.6 for your smartphone.

Android has a few flaws because let’s face it, nothing is perfect and everything has its own flaws. The same is the case with Android. When you install applications on your Android device, you might like them or you might dislike them. You delete the ones that are not attracting or appealing enough to be on your device permanently.

However, when you delete an application or a game for that matter, it sometimes leaves some of the data beings and that data is stored on your device and takes up unnecessary space on your device because of which you are unable to download other apps on your device. It creates endless problems for you and it is imperative one gets rid of them. Some of the problems include crashing the system randomly, your system creating logs constantly, and additional debug apps that are of no use to you and you should get rid of them because you do not really need those files.

sd maid pro

Download SD Maid PRO APK

SD card mostly creates as well as collects a few files and directories which one does not recognize at all. However, we should not go there just yet. What is important is to get rid of such problems so that your device works smoothly and without any problems and crashing of your device. You have nothing to worry about because we are here with a solution for you that will help you keep your device clean, tidy, and up and running smoothly at all times. SD Maid Pro app is the answer to all your solutions. This is one of the best and most thorough cleaning tools that you could possibly find.

Now the question arises, what is SD Maid Pro? Here is the answer for you. SD Maid Pro is a system cleaning app that is designed and developed for Android devices. It is a cleaning tool used by people using Android devices, which is free of cost and helps regain memory of your Android device by clearing all the unnecessary data. SD Maid Pro APK mostly works on devices that have been rooted and acts as a cleaning tool to clean up your device so that your Android device runs smoothly, faster, and better. You can easily use this app because it has a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, you can also optimize and shrink bloated databases which will help your device to speed up and will provide extra space on your device by cleaning it.

Features of SD Maid Pro App

  • Explorer feature of the app is used to crawl through all your Android files and is also a full-fledged file manager.
  • The searcher feature of the app allows you to search the file which you are looking for if you know what you are looking for.
  • The Corpse Finder feature of the app is a rather useful one as it searches through your device for any orphaned item and it will compare them with the apps and files which have been installed on your Android device.
  • The AppControl feature of SD Maid PRO helps you to reset, freeze, and remove the applications which you do not want including the system apps.
  • The System Cleaner feature scans through your entire device and lists out the directories which constant unnecessary files along with them, which increases the space on your phone. Further, you can also create your own filters.
  • You can optimize and shrink bloated databases to speed up access and free it.
  • You can also easily check your biggest file which will help you find out which file is eating up most of the space on your device.
  • Find files that have been modified in the last X minutes.

How to install SD Maid PRO APK on Android

SD Maid is unavailable on the Google Play Store and you have to install the APK version of the app. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Enable downloads from unknown sources. Go to settings —-> Security —-> device administrator and then enable the downloads from unknown sources.
  2. Click on the link below which will automatically initiate your download.
  3. Save it on your SD card and then run and install it.

These are all the steps you need to follow to enjoy the services of the app.

Conclusion: SD Maid Pro APK Download

Overall, SD Maid APK is one of the best cleaning tools in the market at the moment and you don’t have to worry about how to install the SD Maid APK on your device. Once downloaded, you will see the changes in your device yourself and you will see that your device is running smoother.

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