Hax4You is a VIP hack/cheat for online multiplayer game Rule of Survival. This updated version will let you crossfire, telekill, aimbot and wall hack on the official servers of ROS.

Hax4You is the best application for getting VIP features in Rules of Survival.  There are other apps like Exiled ROS, Luciros, etc but Hax4You just outperforms all the alternatives. This mod/hack/cheat is actively working for months now and there are zero reports of any game ban unless you become too blatant.

Download Hax4You

hax4you for rules of survival



You might have to disable your Anti-Virus. The file is 100% safe.

Note: Using hacks in online games is a bad practice and can get your account banned so please use it moderately and carefully. We are not responsible for your account getting banned. It’s your responsibility to use the hack and escape the ban.

Update v8.0 (8 March 2020)

  • You can preview of the cheat feature using a GIF.
  • Improved Anti leech and security which prevents your account from getting banned.
  • Smooth experince in launching the app.
  • Multile game launches are now supported.
  • New Wall hack engine with vip.
  • Auto update option is not available for all users.
  • Faster connection to offical serverse of ROS.
  • Improved Functions in GUI.
  • Improved Animations in GUI of Hax4you with anti aliasing.
  • Latest and new activation method which is fast as ever.
  • Many other minor bugs are now fixed,.

Rules of Survival

ROS is a free-to-play battle royale game which runs online. It is an online multiplayer shooter which is developed by NetEase Games for Windows PC. You can download it via browser or Steam game store. It is not avaiable on Epic game store.

The basic objective of this game is to be the last surving player or team by eliminating other teams using the guns and utilities you collect by exploring the houses and builings on the map.

Install Hax4You

  1. Download the updated files from the download option and save it on your Windows PC.
  2. Open the downloaded files and launch “loader”. Run this file as an Administrator by right-clicking it.
    hax4you install step 1
  3. It will check for update, just wait then click on the Activate button.
    hax4you activation
  4. It will launch a browser window where you should complete the Captcha challenge and then click on Continue.
    continue button
  5. Now wait for a countdown and click on get link.
    ROS cheat
  6. Now complete another Captcha and you will get your activation code for Hax4you.
    activation code for hax4you
  7. Now your hack is successfully activated.
    successfully activated
  8. You can launch Rules of survival now and enjoy all the VIP features.

Missing .Net Framework 3.5

You can get an error which is beacause of missing Microsoft .Net Framework v3.5. You can download it from this link and then restart the loader file. Not all of you will get this error so just check once and if you get it then download and install this file.

Download Link


This cheat, Hax4you is the best for Rules of Survival because of its amazing features.

Aimbot with Aimlock:

  • FOV
  • Aimbot Speed (Bar & Text)
  • Aimbot Target (Head, Neck, Body)

Invisible Mode:

  • You will become invisible until you turn off this feature. Also known as Ghost mode.


  • Speed
  • Jump
  • Go Up/Down
  • Grave Mode
  • Fast Drop/Fast Parachute
  • No Fall Damage
  • No Grass
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Walk Through
  • Walk-In Jump
  • Auto Climb
  • Scope
  • Fish Eye
  • No Water
  • No Fog


  • FOV
  • Target By (Distance & CrossHair)


  • Color Chams (Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow, White, Black)​
  • Cross Hair (Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Yellow)​
  • You can see out of Wall (See players thru wall)​
  • Wall Weapon (See Weapon thru wall)​
  • Item ESP​
  • Item Distance​
  • Body ESP​
  • Body Distance​
  • Player ESP​
  • Player HP​
  • Player Distance​
  • Player BOX​
  • Player Pose​
  • Vehicle ESP​
  • Vehicle Distance​


  • Player Pose
  • Item ESP
  • Item Distance
  • Loot ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Player HP (Bar & Text)
  • Player Team
  • Player Box (Angular,3D,2D)
  • Loot Distance
  • Vehicle ESP
  • Vehicle Distance

Final Words

Rules of survival is a great Battle Royale game just like PUBG and Fortnite so you should not ruin it by using hacks and cheats like Hax4You. But if you are really bad then for learning you can try it, but after than please delete it.

All this is one of the best ROS game cheat for VIP features and lets you do just about everything. It has a special code which prevents NetEase to ban your account but if you hack blatently then you will get banned no matter what.

More than 1 million users use this mod and if you like it then share it with your noob friends.

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