Download GameGuardian APK for Android v8.68.1 [Latest]

GameGuardian is a great Android application which you can install by downloading the latest version of GameGuardian APK. This app allows you to bypass the hassle of microtransactions and enjoy the games you are playing with unlimited access. GameGuardian APK for Android is a free installer which can be downloaded from this page. Keep reading this article to know more about the features and how to install the GameGuardian app on your Android Smartphone.

GameGuardian APK for Android

Game Guardian apk

Everyone has an interesting take on games nowadays, especially mobile games. Now, most people are too busy with their lives to actually take time out and sit playing a game for hours or even minutes. But for those who are simply addicted to mobile gaming, or even simply indulged in a bit of casual mobile gaming. You guys must’ve noticed the number of microtransactions that games ship with these days. Want that ship built quicker for your army? Well if you are not aware of GameGuardian app then you would think why not spend $2 and get it done? How about a new skin for your game that’ll be only of cosmetic advantage? Pay up $5 and it could be yours. Microtransactions such as these tend to haunt the gaming industry these days. And while most people pay no heed to these and proceed to play many are affected by this. Many can’t afford to shell out for something digital that’s why there is GameGuardian to help you out. It gets you past the payment gateway and makes the game believe you purchased the in-game currency when you actually did nothing. Basically giving you the power to do/purchase anything you want in the game.

Download GameGuardian

Game Guardian apk

GameGuardian app is available for download right here on our website so that you don’t have to go looking anywhere for a safe link. We have verified the link and tested the APK for any sort of viruses before uploading so rest assured that the GameGuardian APK you download is safe to download and install. You should also check out Game Hacker which is a similar app aimed for gamers or Freedom APK which is a great MOD application.

File Info

These are the technical specification of the GameGuardian APK which you can download by clicking on the download button in the download section of this article.

App Name GameGuardian
File Type APK
Size 16.9 MB
Version 8.68.1
Language English
Supported Devices Android 2.2.3 or higher
Root Required NO
Last Updated on 13 November 2018

Best features of GameGuardian

Global Compatibility

The makers of GameGuardian wanted to make sure everyone, and we mean everyone got a chance of being able to use their app. This means that this app is compatible with ARM, ARM64 and x86 architectures. Never heard of x86 architecture? Well, this is the one Android emulators utilise, such as BlueStacks, Droid4X, KoPlayer, NOX, Andy, Memu, LeapDroid, RemixOS, PheonixOS and many others. This makes it so that the app is compatible with any version of Android that you’re running. Right from Gingerbread(2.2.3) up to Oreo (8.0), helping ever gamer, regardless of where they game.

Professional tools to help gamers

The app comes in with tools to help you accelerate or decelerate the rate at which your gameplay, which makes it easier to run high requirement games on low-end phones or help reduce power consumption respectively. This is a feature that comes in on most high-end devices termed as “gaming mode” but with GameGuardian, this feature is accessible to each and every user.

Languages for days

The developers prioritised accessibility with this app, making it so that it works in a whopping 50+ languages, along with inbuilt Lu script support. All this makes for a very smooth sailing experience whenever you use this app, from whichever part of the world.

How to install the GameGuardian App?


After downloading this the latest version of GameGuardian APK, you need to make sure you’re able to actually install it, you need to first make sure that you have the option to install apps from unknown sources enabled. To do this head to setting and search for “unknown sources” and turn the respective switch on. After this, you can follow these steps:

  • First, download the app of our website and wait for it to download
  • Once downloaded you need to locate this file in your file manager, it’ll usually be located inside the downloads folder
  • Tap the APK and hit install


This app is currently only available on Android with no announcements of an iOS release, but rest assured as soon as something comes out on the market we will update our website to display the same. So keep your eyes out for this one.


Game Guardian apk


GameGuardian makes for brilliant software that is aimed at helping gamers throughout the world. With the help of it, you can bypass them in the game market of any game and get yourself as many coins/lives as you want. It also converts into a brilliant gaming budding helping you accelerate/decelerate however you want. GameGuardian is also easy to download and install. You can easily get the latest version of the GameGuardian APK and within a few clicks you can install it successfully. So, if you are an avid mobile gamer then this app is definitely a must download.

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