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Aug, 2017

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Casper APK for android lets you save snaps for free! Download the Casper Snapchat Saver APP for your device.

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media apps over the years and why not? It connects people with others and lets the people see what activities their fellow mates are doing. Snapchat has grown to become one of the most used social networking apps wherein people send you snaps and you can see what they are doing for a limited amount of time. Snapchat has only grown over the years, thanks to the amazing filters and addition of other features such as streak. It is pretty safe to say that Snapchat will become only stronger with each passing time and the craze of Snapchat is not ending anytime soon. With Snapchat, people found a unique way of interacting and connecting with people.

However, if there is one drawback that Snapchat has, it is that you cannot save the snaps of the other person or take a screenshot of the snaps you receive without the other person not knowing that you took a screenshot. Sometimes you just have to take a screenshot like a ghost, without the other person knowing it, you have to play in stealth mode.

For that reason, there have been a number of alternative apps that have been launched in the market with the help of which you can be like a ghost. One such alternative, which is one of the best and most popular apps, is the Casper APK. It is an alternative client for the emerging Snapchat app. With the help of the Casper app, you can save the snaps without the other person knowing it, you can send snaps from your gallery, and many other cool things.

casper apk snapchat saver app

Download Casper App APK


Casper App is not available on the Google Play Store and therefore, you will have to download the APK version of the app from the internet. You have nothing to worry about because we will help you download the app by giving you the step by step instructions on how to download the APK version. The steps to follow are:

  1. Enable downloads from unknown sources. To do so, go to settings → security → unknown sources.
  2. Now, the next step is to clock on the link with which your download will automatically begin.
  3. Check the progress of your download from the notification bar above.
  4. When it’s done, all you need to do is to install the app and you will be good to go.

How to Install The Casper APK

Once you have downloaded the app, you will have to install the app so that you are able to use the app and enjoy its services. The steps to follow are:

  • Open the Casper APK which you have downloaded.
  • On the bottom right, you will see an option of ‘install’
  • Click on the install option with which your installation process will begin.
  • Once done, you will find the app on your home screen and you will be able to use the app.

Features of Casper App APK

A few of the features of the Casper app, which tempts the user to download it, are:

  • Save Snaps

You can easily save snaps of other people via the Casper app without the other person knowing it at all. You will be like a ghost and in stealth mode. The sender does not come to know whether you have saved the snap or not.

  • Forward Snaps

With Casper, you can forward a snap that you received as well.

  • Filters

The Media Editor in Casper allows you to tweak the look of your photos by applying one of the various filters available.

  • Slide Filters

With the slide filters feature, your media looks more professional. You can create the filters yourself and load them into the media editor.

  • Stickers

The emoji SDK has been integrated into Casper with which you can search through thousands of stickers to be attached on your photos.

Conclusion: Casper APK Snapchat Saver App for Android

Casper APK is one of the best alternatives to the Snapchat app which allows you to save the snaps which the other person has sent to you. You can be in stealth and another person will not know whether you have saved the snap or not.

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