Blackmart Alpha APK Download for Android Latest v1.1.4

Blackmart Alpha APK: The Google Play Store is a wonderful thing. It gives you access to a world of apps and games, paid or free right at your fingertips. Now when we’re looking at free apps or games it’s all easy and good, but when it boils down to spending your hard earned money on a mobile application, well that’s where even the toughest fail. So have we, walking away from an app just because it is paid is something we have gone through. And it sucks, believe us. We know.

Which is why we’ve bought you Blackmart APK, a simple and easy solution to get past the “premium” or paid apps on Google Play Store. This app helps in situations where the user doesn’t want to shell out their hard earned money on apps. Because on Blackmark you can get all these premium apps for free. Yes, you read that right. For absolutely free! Want to find out more about Blackmart? Keep reading!

Blackmart Alpha APK

blackmart alpha apk


File Info

App Name Blackmart Alpha
File Type APK
Size 7.1 MB
Version 2018.3.4
Language English
Supports Android 4.4+
Root Required NO
Last Updated on 17 October 2018

Features of Blackmart Alpha for Android

Now before coming back to the selling points of Blackmart, let us briefly understand what Blackmart is.

Blackmart is a community wherein different user collaborate and put up apps for download which are usually considered “premium” apps on the Google Play Store, now, of course, this means that you won’t have access to each and every paid app in the world instantly, the key to using Blackmart is patience. Because over time, surely someone will upload the app/game you were looking for.

Blackmart also provides a safe haven for “banned” apps like Lucky Patcher, or Root Manager, which have been banned by Google Play Store for not keeping up with their ToS (Terms of Service), but we all know how important these applications are and what a pain it is to look for them when we need to, having to scroll from webpage to webpage downloading all sorts of viruses and malware.

Now without further ado let’s look at the features of Blackmart

Paid/Premium Apps or Games for free

Yes as you must know by now (we’ve mentioned it about a couple a hundred times above! That’s how excited we are) Blackmart allows you to download the premium or paid apps from the Google Play Store for absolutely free!

How this is done is through a community of dedicated enthusiasts who get together and keep up the constant stream of uploads. You can find hundreds of paid apps from the Google Play Store listed on here for free, so stop waiting and start downloading.

Download and install apps in one click

Now we have all face that moment in time when the Google Play Store doesn’t allow us to download certain apps because you’re running out of space. And this is when you have over 400 MB of space on your phone. It surprises and frustrates all of us equally. But with Blackmart, this comes to an end.

Blackmart doesn’t check whether your phone has additional space for installing the file. As soon as you hit download, all it cares about is whether your phone has enough space to download and store the APK of the app, and the rest is up to you. If you don’t have enough space make only that much space and install the app and enjoy. No restrictions.

Auto Updates

Everyone loves free new apps when they wake up in the morning, also one of the key features of Blackmart is the constant stream of updates that keep rolling out to your apps without you being the wiser. This is because of the cool auto-update feature the app has.


blackmart alpha apk


You can download the latest version of Blackmart from our website right here. It is completely safe and easy to use.

How to install


To install Blackmart Apk on your Android device first check if your device is supported according to our table above, if yes, you need to first make sure that you have “Install from unknown Sources” enabled in your settings and then proceed to

  • First, download the APK from our website and save it on your phone
  • Now using your File Manager locate the APK (it’ll usually be in a folder called “Downloads”)
  • Tap the app and hit install

Now you can enjoy all the free apps that have been uploaded on Blackmart!


Unfortunately, Blackmart is an Android exclusive app for now, pending no updates. As soon as we hear something stirring, rest assured we’ll update our website with tutorials and download links.




Blackmart is an essential app for almost every Android user unless you’ve got stupid money to spend on apps. Not only does it give users access to “banned” apps but also premium or paid ones from the Google Play Store.

Download it now!

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