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25 June 2021
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AFK Arena MOD is believed to be the best strategy game designed for Android devices. The latest APK file unveils the version that provides everything including Ads Free Mod, free of cost shopping, all levels are unlocked, and there is unlimited money. The gameplay is exclusively user-friendly. 

AFK Arena is a casual card game that also has an interesting storyline. This game is highly user-friendly and has around 45 characters that pose the heroes of the game. The graphics of the game is hand-drawn and stunning yet are simple to use. With the clearing of levels, new content gets added and dungeons grow to explore the game. 

The game aims at the user to build a strong and best team to clear the dungeons in the game as it progresses. With the higher levels, the dungeons become more and more challenging and tougher making the storyline interesting. 

Gameplay features

The gameplay is very simple and easy for AFK Arena. It includes:

    • The game proceeds to the next level by solving the dungeon theories that come around one by one in the way.
    • While playing through the game, the users come along with many characters that are to be controlled and used for the gameplay.
    • For proceeding further in the games and entering new levels, the dungeons have to be crossed.
  • An Array of Legendary hero

The users can add as many cards as per their taste to the assortment. These cards are inspired by Celtic mythology. The factions and heroes have distinctive and are made out of beautiful fashion artwork.

  • Rewards

The users can accumulate wealth, coins, and experience by playing the games and going ahead on levels above. This does not require any specific method or gesture but just gameplay to relax. The team of heroes battle and earn all the riches, coins, and experience to proceed further.

  • Secret Treasures

There are no deadlines or time limits set for the game. The users can play in their own leisure time. Deeper mazes have hidden and secret treasures which get exposed when the users explore more and more.

  • Global gamers

The users can unite together with the users all around the globe and battle together against the harmful opponents and can also participate in the International Legends championship.

  • Dominate by strategizing

By creating strategies for factional bonuses and heroic unions, the users can dominate to build gameplay for their benefit. Also, it is possible to turn around the fight and flip the tide with your fingertips.

How to Download APK Arena MOD APK

AFK Arena is available for download on the Google Play store on all Android devices. The steps to download and install are very simple and easy. The steps for the same are mentioned below:

  • Browse through the search option on the Google Play store on the Android Smartphone or other devices.
  • Click on Download Button beside the AFK Arena mod APK.
  • After that click on Allow Unknown Sources Apps on the device.
  • Install the APK and the device is ready to use the game.

How to Allow Unknown Sources

  • Browse to the Phone settings.
  • Tap on the Apps and Security features.
  • Tick ON on the button for Allow Unknown Apps from the drop-down options.
  • After this step installs the APK for the game.


  • Can you hack AFK Arena?

To enable cheats within the game, the users use memory editors, scripts, or other hacking tools for injecting code to improve the gameplay.

  • What does AFK mean in AFK Arena?

AFK is an acronym developed by LiIth Games based in Shanghai for “Away from Keyboard”.

  • Who is the strongest hero in AFK Arena?

Tasi having a score of 93 is believed to be the strongest hero in all the support heroes available in the AFK industry.

Conclusion: AFK Arena Mod APK for Android

The game is categorized to be in the form of conspiracy and mystery games and hence is considered to be the popular genre. Exploring novel theories and dungeons makes the users mentally skilled to solve the mystery.

What's new

New Heroes
1. Added the non-limited edition Dimensional Hero: Merlin - Seer of Destiny.

2. Added a new event that allows players to exchange Merlin.

3. The Bountiful Trials event will be available for Merlin - Seer of Destiny.


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