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7 May 2021
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Download Adguard Premium APK for free! 

In recent times, the usage of various mobile applications has tremendously increased and become habitual for everyone. Big thanks to the introduction of smartphones that they have made our lives very comfortable although a tad bit dangerous as well. It is dangerous because the developers and advertisers have put a lot of advertisements in order to generate more and more profits from the app. However, not all of these ads are harmless as some of them contain malware links as well which could be dangerous viruses. These viruses hold the potential to severely damage your smartphone and could steal your personal information stored on the device.  But there is also a savior in such circumstances. Here, it is the Adguard premium APK app that blocks all the ads without disrupting the functioning of the device. This app will definitely make you happy with its amazing performance and fewer demands which is required. In other words, this app can also be called “THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED AD BLOCKER APP”. 

The best part about this app is that it was released as a free application in order to be available to almost everyone. However, it did not get permission for release on any platform. Hence, you cannot find this app to download from the Google Playstore as their policies don’t allow such system-wide blocking apps. So, if you are looking to download the APK, you will have to download the APK file from the link posted on our website. 

The first and popular feature of this app is that this app will block all the ads which are deemed as unauthorized or do online tracking of data. The app ensures that your device is protected from malware. One of the motives of the app would be that it helps users and players to have a quicker, safer, and smooth surfing experience. Although the app requires that the device of the user have root access but it doesn’t ask for the complicated process just install and use. 

You can download the premium version of the APK for android devices from the link on our website. The app has 2 versions, free and paid. The free version is capable enough to perform many steps like blocking ads on all the browsers you use but not the applications of the device. To enjoy the premium service, you will have to purchase the paid version of the app to enjoy features like blocking ads on both browsers as well apps of your device. 

adguard premium apk mod no root

Download Adguard Premium APK

How to install Adguard Premium Mod APK?

  • Click on the download link to download the APK link of the app.
  • After the download is finished, open the file manager where the file is saved. Click on the APK file on that page.
  • You might get a popup asking for permissions to install from unknown sources. Please make sure to click on ‘ok’ or ‘allow’ or enabling it from the settings so the installation can start.
  • Once the installation is complete, the APK is ready to use.
  • After opening the app, enable the protection feature. This will create a local VPN but will not affect anything on your device. Your device will stay put at it is.

Features of Adguard Premium App

  1. Whitelist- This feature allows you to create a list for a website that you don’t want to block so that you can access them.
  2. Saves your mobile data- Although it is not a feature it is helpful in saving your mobile’s bandwidth. This happens because when you block ads while using some websites; you are bound to spend lesser mobile data on that website.
  3. Privacy protection- The app blocks all ads and malware ads or spyware that could be trying to access your personal information. Adguard APK offers its users top-most privacy and it doesn’t even store the DNS logs.
  4. Block ads- The main motive of the app. You can block any ads your find annoying or spam on any web browsers, app, or game you use on your device.

Conclusion: Adguard Premium APK Download for Android

If you are looking for the top-most ad-blocking app for your device, then Adguard premium APK is what you should seek without hesitation. The app blocks and removes all the ads before the page gets loaded and keeps them adding in a blacklist.

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