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June, 2021
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AC Market is the best App Store for Android. Download the latest modded and cracked apps for free by installing ACMarket APK.

Android App Marketplace is required on every Android smartphone for downloading Apps and Games. Google Playstore is the default choice for the majority of users. Playstore has its perks but lots of Apps over there are Paid and contains in-app Ads or subscriptions which can be annoying. AC Market 2020 is a different approach to the App Store. With ACM you get all the basic apps any user would install but you also get a huge library of Paid Apps, Cracked Apps, and Modded Apps for Android. These types of apps can be installed via APK file which bypasses Ads and Subscriptions, making the app free. This new Android marketplace is totally free of cost, you can download the latest version of ACMarket APK from here.


This app store is an alternative to the Google Play Store which provides the latest APK files of best hack apps for free. AC Market is one of the biggest unofficial apps stores with more than 1 million applications. There are apps in every category like Games (Minecraft), Music, Wallpaper, Android Launcher, etc. You can get direct download links of the APK files of these apps via ACM. If you are tired of using the Play Store and want to try the apps which are not available there you should download definitely get this app now. This alternative app store contains all the cracked and modded apps/games which you can use to your advantage. This application for Android is absolutely free and all the apps you download from this are also free of cost.

ACMarket 2020 is very popular because of its amazing features and a huge library of apps. This app is constantly under development and improvements are provided frequently by the developers through new updates. Let’s have a look at some of the best features of the ACM:

Lots of Apps

This App Marketplace has a lot of apps in its library in all the categories like Games, Productivity, Entertainment, Themes, etc.

The best this is every app on this app store is free to download and install, even the paid apps are free.

Easy to Use

This app is designed by professionals for the best User Experience. AC Market is very simple to use, you can get used to it in the first run.

Easy to navigate UI with elements like the search bar, app page, reviews, and app descriptions. You can search, navigate, share, download, and manage apps.

Fast and Up to Date

AC Market provides its downloads from a dedicated server for the fastest response time.

All the apps you install from it are updated automatically with the latest version.


The app itself is verified with security signatures and all the app provided by AC Market are stored on a secured server to prevent viruses and hacks.

More Features

  • This app is very lightweight and does not consume much storage space and neither drains the battery in the background.
  • You don’t need to sign in or make an account of any kind to access the AC Market app library.
  • Inbuild App Manager lets to manage downloaded and installed apps easily. You can check which apps are downloaded but not installed.
  • App Manager notifies you about the latest updates of the installed apps.
  • ACMarket APK is compatible with almost all Android versions and it supports installation on Smartphones, Tablets, Android TV, and other Android devices.
  • You can submit feedback from the menu if you find any problems with any app or you can even request new apps from the feedback form.

So these were the common features of this app which itself makes it worth a try. These are just the main features, there are hundreds of other tiny features that make this app the best alternative for the Play Store. This is probably the best app for ac market APK download latest version 2021.

ac market apk download

Install AC Market on Android

Installing AC Market on Android is very easy just like you install any other app via APK file. Just follow these steps.

1. Enable Unknown Sources

android unknown sources

  • Go to Android settings, then Security, and find the option that says ‘Unknown Sources’.
  • Click on the checkbox next to it for enabling it.
  • This option lets you install APK files on your Android device.

2. Install the APK File

  • Now download the latest version of the AC Market APK file from this page.
  • Open your downloads folder on Android, run the file, and click on Install.

That’s it now you have AC Market installed on your Android device. Now you can browse through a lot of amazing apps and install them as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AC Market?

Is AC a market app? It is an Android app marketplace for downloading Apps and Games on Android smartphones. AC Market is just like Google Playstore but every app on it is free.

You can get this app from the download button on this page.

Is AC Market Illegal?

AC Market itself is not illegal as it is just an App Marketplace. The apps you download from it can be illegal if it is a Paid or Cracked app uploaded by an untrusted user.

So, you can download AC Market without worries but be careful about what you download from it.

Does AC Market have a Virus?

No, this app has not Virus at all. The APK provided above is verified and hosted over a secure server for maximum security.

You can get the AC Market app without worrying about any Virus harming your device.

Is AC Market Safe?

This app marketplace has more than a million downloads and users love this app. Yes, AC Market is 100% safe to use according to developers and we have tried this app ourselves. The download link provided above is served from a high-speed SSL encrypted server to provide secure and faster downloads. The apps inside the market application are powered by the same high-speed servers and they are also secured.

Another thing is as described earlier, this ACMarket app does not ask for any login or sign-ups and it does not collect any user information which I think is enough factor to trust this app. The only downside is the Ads, but this app provides so much value that you’ll forgive them. Let the developers make some buck off their work.


If for some reason ACM does not work for you can try these other apps. These are not as good but can serve the purpose of the App Store.

Final Words

This is a very good App Marketplace compared to other Android Marketplaces. AC Market provides a good UI, accessibility, and a great collection of apps that are absolutely free. It keeps all apps updated to the latest versions and it also provides the best versions of modded applications with no restrictions. The only negative is it spams you with a lot of Ads, you might wanna use an AdBlocker for that. I would definitely recommend ACM to every Android user.

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